MagicPad sticks to plastic, glass, drywall, tile, wood, steel and many more surfaces. Great for apartments and dorm rooms where you can’t use nails! Keep the door mat in place, your cell phone close at hand and hang pictures and holiday decorations quick and easy with MagicPad!

  • Sticks Anywhere - MagicPad Sticks to any surface: plastic, Glass, Drywall, Tiles, Wood and Steel!
  • Washable and Reusable - They're super easy to use and washable to reuse anytime.
  • Ultra Strong - Made ultra strong, durable, malleable, traceless, removable and extremely versatille material.

With MagicPad you can stick everything you can think of, whitout wholes, sticky pads and wall marks. The perfect tool to be used for decoration, posters, frames, carpeting, phones, tablets and much more!