Imagine being capable of labeling and saving THOUSANDS of videos and photos, with practically no efforts (or recurring costs). And after that, storing these valuable memories in any safe place that you wish!

We introduce PhotoSafe - possibly the cheapest and simplest digital organizer of the market! See how it works:


  • Step 1: Connect PhotoSafe to your smartphone ( works on Android, iPhone, and iPad )
  • Step 2: Open the free app
  • Step 3: Press "Make Backup Now"


    And there it is. With only ONE CLICK all your photos and videos are safely organized and stored, with no problems, no hidden costs, and no waste of time.

    Unlike regular pen drives or bulky external drives,PhotoSafe starts organizing your photos as soon as you click on “Save My Files”. It instantly scans every inch of your phone, searching all folders and files for your photos and videos, downloading them and automatically making a backup of all your photos and videos.