It is called EzIron , and it’s a new device that deservedly conquered the market for making the boring task of ironing easier.

EzIron make the ironing easier and faster. And the best of it is that EzIron can be used in vertical or horizontal, which ends with your back pain issues.

EzIron perfect to get rid of spots on clothes that were folded for a long time, hanged inadequately or that are crumpled. It also serves as a support to finish the unwrinkling of garments. One advantage is that the vaporizer will hardly burn your clothes and it doesn’t leave creases. The most delicate and softest fabrics in general present the better results with the usage of the equipment.

The usage of EzIron simple, you only have to connect the power cable in the socket and in less than one minute it will be hot and ready to iron.

EzIron to be used as soon as the vapor appears. You only have to the button to trigger the vapor , and then get EzIron closer to your garment!